Illinois Nursing Home Accident Leads To Neglect Lawsuit

Nursing home neglect can take many forms, and often neglect is caused by improper use of equipment and/or staff that is not properly trained.

The May 12, 2015 article (with video) titled “Digging Deeper:  Rochelle nursing home sued for negligence in resident’s death” discusses alleged negligence regarding the care of Dolores Hummel, a resident at the Rochelle Rehabilitation and Health Care Center in Rochelle, Illinois.

Two notable excerpts from the article include:

Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) records say nurses noticed Dolores needed some oxygen so a nurse grabbed an oxygen canister and hooked the tubing up to her face. Then. left the room. Moments later IDPH documents say Dolores began screaming, “Help me. Get it off”. A nurse says  “…The canister was spewing a white substance that looked like snow… (Hummel’s) “left ear, both cheeks, and under her nose were fire red.”

Pure liquid oxygen was burning Dolores at negative 297 degrees.  Despite second degree burns she was not taken to the hospital. Gayle rushed to the nursing home to see her mother two days after the incident, when her sister called her telling her how serious their mother’s injuries were.


According to state documents, staff didn’t know how to use liquid oxygen and the facility didn’t train its staff properly to use liquid oxygen.  13 WREX reached out to the nursing home for comment. Our calls were not returned,  but in the IDPH documents an administrator calls the incident a “freak accident”.

Additional details and possible updates can be seen in the article mentioned above.


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