Illinois Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Over Pressure Ulcers And Serious Health Problems

As discussed throughout this site, there are many acts and incidents that can constitute nursing home neglect.  As summarized on this site, these acts of neglect have often led to the death of Illinois nursing home residents.

A frequent indicator of nursing home neglect is if pressure sores develop and worsen in condition.  As discussed on the “Pressure Sores” page, these sores – especially if not promptly and properly treated – often lead to as well as accompany a deterioration in health.  Often, wrongful death lawsuits are filed on behalf of the decedent if the pressure sores lead to the death of the nursing home resident.

The article of September 28, 2017 titled “Wrongful death lawsuit filed against Granite City nursing home” discusses a lawsuit that alleges various aspects of nursing home neglect previous to the death of a Granite City nursing home resident.

Notable excerpts from the article include:

A Granite City nursing home let a 76-year-old woman sit in her own feces and urine and develop pressure sores on her body, a federal lawsuit alleges.


At the time of her death, Legate had sepsis, recurrent infections, pressure sores, skin breakdown, malnutrition, dehydration and was in renal failure, the lawsuit says.

For those unaware of sepsis, it is a serious health condition that often accompanies serious pressure injuries.  The condition is further discussed on the “Sepsis” page.

Additional details concerning this Illinois wrongful death lawsuit can be seen in the article mentioned above.


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