Lawsuit Filed Over Elopement That Led To Death Of Woman

One possible hazard that can happen in long-term health care facilities (such as nursing homes and assisted living facilities) is if residents wander in the facilities, or wander outside of the facility.  This wandering is referred to as “elopement” and has been discussed before on this site.  Often, patients who wander outside of the facility are in jeopardy due various conditions, such as dementia, that they may have.  Various such past elopement incidents have led to the death of the resident.

There was an incident involving alleged elopement in a Pennsylvania nursing home on August 23, 2017.  The patient, Audrie Penn, 77, was later found dead two miles from the facility.

The incident is discussed in a variety of media sources, including the September 19, 2017 article (with video) titled “Missing Woman With Alzheimer’s, 77, Found Dead Miles From Nursing Home.”

An excerpt from that article:

A 77-year-old woman has been found dead about two miles away from the Pennsylvania nursing home where she was reported missing nearly a month ago.

Recently a wrongful death lawsuit has been filed regarding her death.  That wrongful death lawsuit, including the allegations, is discussed in the article of November 28.  The circumstances of the elopement as well as the search for Audrie Penn is also discussed.

Additional details regarding the incident can be seen in the sources mentioned above as well as the October 10 Washington Times article titled “Nursing home loses license after patient wanders away, dies.”


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