Additional Reasons For Nursing Home Falls

As discussed on this site, one of the most common types of Illinois nursing home accidents involve residents who fall.  These falls, of course, also occur in various other types of Illinois long-term health care facilities, including assisted living facilities, retirement homes, and hospices.

Nursing home residents fall for numerous reasons.  Many of these reasons are discussed on the “Preventing Falls In Nursing Homes” page.  Given the frequency of these falls – as well as the likelihood of injury or other harm that can occur – it is highly beneficial to have awareness of the reasons for such falls.  As well, many long-term health care facilities are taking numerous preventative measures.

Two other reasons for nursing home falls – aside from those previously discussed – are:

  • Nurse staffing levels:  As discussed in the McKnight’s July 6, 2012 article titled “CNA staffing tied to fall risk” research featured in the May 2012 issue of the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society indicated a correlation between CNA staffing levels and the risk for falls among short-stay nursing home residents who are newly admitted.

Additional details regarding these reasons for nursing home falls can be seen in the sources mentioned above.

Should someone you care for in a Illinois nursing home or other health care facility suffer a fall that leads to injury, there may be grounds for filing a lawsuit.  While, of course, not all falls will lead to injury compensation, in instances where a fall or dropped resident happens due to negligence a lawsuit may be warranted.

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