Background Regarding Nursing Home Lawsuits

For those interested in the history and various other information regarding nursing home abuse lawsuits against the nursing home industry, the Wall Street Journal article of today (October 3, 2014) titled “Suits Rattle Nursing Homes” discusses the subject.

As well, the October 7 article titled “WSJ:  Lawsuits Shake Nursing Home Industry” also provides a recap and discussion.

Nursing homes are supposed to provide adequate care and living conditions for their residents.  If an Illinois nursing home resident that you care for is not receiving an adequate quality of care, please call the trial lawyers at the Elman Joseph Law Group to discuss the situation and to see if a legal remedy may exist.  This initial consultation is provided free.

Unfortunately, nursing home abuse and nursing home neglect – as well as nursing home accidents – can and does happen in Chicago and Chicago-area nursing homes.


Should you or someone you care for experience Illinois nursing home abuse or neglect – or a nursing home accident – please contact the Elman Joseph Law Group to discuss the situation and to see what legal remedies may exist.

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