Chicago Nursing Home Fined Following Heroin Overdoses

Nursing home neglect can take many forms.  One form of nursing home neglect is a shortcoming of supervision.  Often, nursing home residents will have conditions that require them to require supervision from nursing home staff.  If they do not receive the requisite level of supervision, many different adverse outcomes can develop.

A Chicago nursing home, Continental Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, faces penalties after five residents overdosed on heroin inside the nursing home in February.  An excerpt from the November 14, 2016 Chicago Tribune article titled “Chicago nursing home fined after residents overdose on heroin“:

State and federal health officials are seeking penalties totaling more than $100,000 from a North Side nursing home after five residents overdosed on heroin inside the facility in February, the Tribune has learned.

The residents of Continental Nursing & Rehabilitation Center were hospitalized and recovered, but at least two used heroin again hours after they were returned to the facility, even though they were supposed to be on close watch, Illinois public health department inspectors allege. One of the two overdosed again.

Another excerpt regarding the facility:

Continental is part of a rapidly growing, South Bend, Ind.-based nursing home operation that includes more than 50 facilities in eight states, records show.

Their 13 northern Illinois facilities include one that earned a top, five-star rating for overall quality from CMS. Four others, including Continental, were given a one-star quality rating, the lowest possible, and police and public health inspection records have alleged unsanitary conditions and negligent care at Continental and some other northern Illinois homes.

The article also discusses various other incidents and allegations against Continental, and mentions a civil lawsuit that has been filed over an incident.

Further details can be found in the Chicago Tribune article mentioned above, as well as the November 15, 2016 FoxNews article titled “Chicago nursing home fined after residents’ heroin overdose.”


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