Example Of Nursing Home Abuse And Lawsuit

A recent article illustrates various forms of alleged nursing home abuse and nursing home neglect, including the incidence of bedsores, bacterial infections, and various other deficiencies in the care of a nursing home patient.  A lawsuit regarding this alleged nursing home abuse was filed and recently resolved.

The nursing home patient was Sui Mee Chiu, a resident in a California nursing home.  The April 12 Whittier Daily News article, titled “Frustrating wait for the nursing home inspector” discusses the situation which Sui Mee Chiu endured, and various experiences encountered by her daughter, Mary Chiu.

A couple of excerpts include:

Mary Chiu was shocked by the bed sores on her 85-year-old mother.

One on her backside was so deep it exposed the bone; others formed on her left leg, heel and big toe. Half a dozen times, Sui Mee Chiu had to receive hospital treatment for the sores and bacterial infections.

The wounds persisted for months, until the day she died in April 2012 of respiratory failure.


In cases like Chiu’s, there is no information on state or federal websites about the complaint or inspectors’ findings. Consumers can see, however, that in 2011, while Chiu was living at the Arcadia nursing home, inspectors found some residents didn’t receive proper treatment to prevent new pressure sores or heal existing ones, according to federal documents.

But until a reporter called last week, the Arcadia Health Care Center website was highlighting its status as a five-star facility, the maximum possible rating on a U.S. official government database. Its actual rating is three stars. The claim has since been taken down.

The article also speaks of the lawsuit filed regarding care received by Sui Mee Chiu.

Additionally, the article mentions a variety of other incidents of nursing home abuse in Los Angeles County, including nursing home sexual abuse as well as a medication error that led to a nursing home resident’s death.

While these nursing home incidents occurred in California, various statistics, incidents, and research (some of which is featured on this site) indicates that these types of nursing home abuses, nursing home neglect, and nursing home accidents also can and do frequently occur in Chicago nursing homes and other health care facilities in Chicago, as well as nationally.


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