Illinois Nursing Home Wrongful Death Lawsuit

There has been a wrongful death lawsuit filed regarding an Illinois nursing home resident’s death in a Wood River, Illinois nursing home.

This wrongful death lawsuit is discussed in The Madison-St. Clair Record article of May 5, 2014, titled “Wood River nursing home resident blamed for resident’s death.”  The Madison County Circuit Court case number is 2014 000602PANZIER PATRICIA vs. SA-ENC VIP MANOR LLC DBA VIP M.

The underlying incident involves a female nursing home resident, Pauline Hendricks, who was found “gurgling and unresponsive” on January 28, 2013 and was taken to a hospital, where she died on that same day.  The wrongful death lawsuit was filed by the daughter of Pauline Hendricks, Patricia Panzier.

Notable excerpts from The Madison-St. Clair Record article include:

Patricia Panzier filed a lawsuit April 15 in the Madison County Circuit Court against SA-ENC VIP Manor, LPN Donna Slinkard, Dr. Louis Gary and General Medicine of Illinois Physicians.


VIP Manor staff neglected to call 911 until half-an-hour after Hendricks was found, the suit states. When staff did place the emergency phone call, they requested a “non-emergent” transfer, the complaint says.


Panzier blames Slinkard and VIP Manor for causing her mother’s death, saying they negligently failed to ensure the facility was adequately staffed with licensed medical professionals and failed to enforce appropriate policies or procedures, among other negligent actions.

The doctor caring for Hendricks, Louis Gary, negligently failed to appropriately monitor and treat her condition, failed to assess her airway, failed to clear her airway, failed to appreciate and note changes in her condition, failed to ensure that she was transferred to the hospital immediately and failed to properly assess and reassess her.

Another article from the also discusses the lawsuit and the underlying incident.  An excerpt from the April 24, 2014 article “Nursing home accused of patient neglect” :

The Illinois Department of Public Health reviewed the case and determined that VIP failed to monitor and treat a resident in respiratory failure and failed to immediately call for an ambulance as ordered by a physician. “This failure result in (the resident) expiring upon arrival at the hospital emergency room,” the IDPH document stated.

The IDPH report stated that the director of nursing and assistant both told officials that there is no policy at the home defining a medical emergency. The department ordered that the facility develop policies that conform to the law, including policies for handling medical emergencies.

Additional details regarding this Illinois wrongful death lawsuit concerning a nursing home resident can be found in a variety of media sources including the two articles mentioned above.


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