Lawsuit Claims Nursing Home Operator Performed Fraud

One of the most common criticisms of nursing homes, as well as other long-term health care facilities such as assisted living facilities, is that such facilities do not – and can not – provide adequate levels of care due to understaffing.  This lack of staffing can be caused by many factors, including poor management, poor financial management, and fraud.

One example of this is seen in a nursing home operator that has been sued by the Federal Government, which claims that the nursing home operator filed false claims and also neglected to provide patients with with adequate and basic nursing services.  Because of this lack of care, which included lack of medications, residents allegedly suffered a number of ailments and associated pain, including pressure sores, falls, dehydration and malnutrition.

The lawsuit is seen in the September 7, 2016 Department of Justice news release titled “The United States Files False Claims Act Against Six Vanguard Nursing Facilities…”  A notable excerpt from this press release include:

The United States’ complaint alleges that between Jan. 1, 2010, and Dec. 31, 2015, the six Vanguard facilities failed to provide the most basic and essential skilled nursing services to their residents.  The lack of adequate care at the Vanguard facilities included chronic staffing and critical medical supplies shortages, failure to provide standard infection control, failure to administer medication to residents as prescribed by their physicians, failure to provide wound care as ordered by physicians, failure to adequately manage residents’ pain and providing unnecessary and excessive psychotropic medications to residents and using unnecessary physical restraints on residents.  As a result, Vanguard residents suffered pressure ulcers, falls, dehydration and malnutrition, among other harms.  The United States’ complaint further alleges that Miller, who served as the Director of Operations for Vanguard from September 2011 through August 2014, knew that resident care at the Vanguard facilities was non-existent or grossly substandard but failed to correct these problems.

Additional details regarding this lawsuit can be seen in the DOJ press release mentioned above, as well as The Tennessean article of September 7 article titled “Feds:  Patients suffered in nursing home fraud case.”


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