Lawsuit Filed Regarding Fall At Wilmette Assisted Living Facility

Falls among the elderly – especially those at nursing homes and other similar care facilities (such as assisted living facilities and skilled nursing facilities) – are often discussed on this site because of both the frequent nature of these types of accidents as well as the serious injuries that often occur.

These nursing home falls can occur for a wide range of reasons.  Often they are because the resident trips or slips, or otherwise loses their balance.  The loss of balance can be caused by many factors, including those related to aging, medication usage, diseases and ailments, and other reasons.  It is for these reasons that many nursing home residents need to be carefully assessed, monitored and, in many cases, aided when they walking.

Such falls and their injuries remain a leading cause of nursing home lawsuits.  Falls can lead (either directly or, after a time, indirectly) to the death of nursing home residents.  In these incidents nursing home wrongful death lawsuits have been filed.

A recent lawsuit filed against an assisted living facility in Wilmette claims negligence with regard to a resident who fell.  The lawsuit is discussed in both the December 19, 2016 Wilmette Patch article titled “Senior Living Facility Blamed for Disabled Man’s Fall” as well as the December 15 Cook County Record article titled “Sunrise of Wilmette Senior Living, others accused of not monitoring man properly.”

An excerpt from the Patch article:

The suit claims George fell while in the care of the facility due to the effects of dehydration. Windsor says Sunrise of Wilmette did not provide proper care in alleging negligence.

Additional details concerning this lawsuit can be found in the sources mentioned above.


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