MRSA Infections In Nursing Home Neglect Lawsuits

The level of care a resident receives at a nursing home is an important issue, especially given the level of nursing home neglect and abuse that has been documented both in statistics as well as alleged in lawsuits.

An adequate level of nursing home care has many different facets.  One of the facets is whether procedures and the overall condition of the nursing home (including cleanliness) is appropriate to insure adequate and safe living conditions.  If procedures and the overall living conditions of the nursing home are deficient, many different types of injuries and afflictions can occur.  These injuries and afflictions, should they occur, can be grounds for a nursing home neglect lawsuit.  Of course, the successful filing of such a suit is dependent upon the specific characteristics of the injury and its causes.

One type of affliction that can occur is infections and other ailments caused by lack of proper care.  One of these types of conditions is sepsis, which is further discussed on the Sepsis page.

One notable infection that has recently been mentioned in Chicago area nursing home neglect lawsuits has been methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infections.  Elderly residents experiencing certain health and living conditions – including some found in nursing homes – are potentially susceptible to MRSA.

Two lawsuits concerning MRSA infections that were allegedly contacted in nursing homes in Evanston and Cicero is discussed in the August 23, 2016 Cook County Record article titled “Woman blames nursing home for MRSA infection” as well as the April 23, 2014 Cook County Record article titled “Woman’s wound, MRSA infection leads to suit against Alden Town Manor Rehab Center.”


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