Nursing Home Abuse Committed By Other Residents

As discussed in many areas of this website, nursing home abuse can take many forms.  As well, the nursing home abuse can be carried out by many different parties.

While, in many cases, nursing home abuse is committed by employees of the nursing home, mistreatment of nursing home residents can also occur when one (or many) nursing home residents abuse another resident.  Often, this takes the form of verbal abuse and other mistreatment, but can (as previously mentioned in this site) also involve physical assault and sexual assault.

One of the challenges inherent in assessing the levels of nursing home abuse that occurs is that in many cases, nursing home abuse is not reported.  As such, as seen in many sources, many people believe that the official statistics under-report instances of nursing home abuse.

CBS News published an article on June 15, 2016, titled “Nursing home abuse common, but from an unlikely source.”  The article discusses the findings of a recent study on nursing home abuse from other residents and its frequency.

Notable excerpts from the article include:

It’s disturbingly common for elderly folks who live in nursing homes to experience abuse at the hands of other residents, a new study shows.

About one in five have experienced verbal or physical mistreatment from other residents, the study’s lead author, Dr. Mark Lachs, told CBS News.


Out of the 2,011 residents included in the study, 407 experienced at least one instance of mistreatment during the month the study took place.

In the past, there’s been more attention to the problem of staff abuse of elderly patients, but Lachs said it’s time to shift the focus.

“[Abusive] staff should be arrested, fired, and prosecuted. But aggression between residents needs to be given attention. You’re probably at greater risk than from a staff member — but we just don’t have good numbers on that yet,” he said.

The article also discusses other issues, such as the substantial under-reporting of elder abuse as well as ways to limit abuse of nursing home residents.

Additional details can be seen in the CBS News article.


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