Nursing Home Seized By Regulators

The recent placing into receivership of a nursing home by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) highlights various types of neglect and violations that can occur in nursing homes both nationally as well as Chicago area nursing homes.

The action taken by the MDH is summarized in its press release of June 3, 2014, titled “MDH assumes control of Minneapolis nursing home to protect residents.”

A couple of excerpts from this release:

MDH used its emergency powers to assume control of the nursing home due to serious violations putting its residents at risk and an unacceptably high number of regulatory violations at the facility. MDH took action after management failed to correct numerous serious problems. In March 2014, MDH cited the nursing home for 47 violations. A follow-up inspection in May found 33 violations. Several violations were of a serious nature that posed a significant risk for residents. There are also concerns about the financial stability of the facility.


The 87-bed facility has been operated by Videll Healthcare Camden, L.L.C., as licensee, under a lease agreement with Irvine, California- based SABRA Health Care REIT, which purchased the facility in 2012. The facility has a mix of residents including those receiving senior care, dementia care, mental health care, and chemical dependency treatment. The management of the facility failed to maintain a basic level of safety and security, as demonstrated by the finding that two residents accessed drugs or alcohol while at the facility. Both of these residents required medical treatment and hospitalization in May, and one of them required intubation due to acute alcohol intoxication. There were also violations related to a wide range of legal requirements designed to ensure safe health care. After finding these violations in May, and until the receivership was ordered, the department increased monitoring and oversight to protect patients.

The article of June 3, 2014, titled “Citing ‘dire problems,’ state seizes control of Mpls. nursing home” also discussing this nursing home regulatory action and the underlying conditions faced by the nursing home’s residents, including various forms of alleged nursing home neglect and other similar forms of nursing home operational shortcomings.


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