Nursing Home Sexual Assaults Committed By Residents

Sexual abuse and sexual assault that happens to residents of nursing homes is an ongoing significant concern.  As seen in many statistics and news stories, as well as allegations made in many nursing home lawsuits, sex crimes committed against nursing home residents are numerous.  This abuse and rape is often committed by other nursing home residents, as well as by nursing home staff.

On this site, nursing home sexual abuse and assault is discussed both on the “Chicago Nursing Home Sexual Abuse And Assault” page – which also discusses various possible “signs” of such acts – as well as in individual posts found in the “Nursing Home Sexual Abuse And Assault” category.

Another alleged instance of sexual molestation of a nursing home resident has been reported in New York.  A nursing home resident in New York, Thomas Moore, has been charged with regard to sexually abusing another resident at a nursing home.

An excerpt from The Buffalo News article of March 21, 2017, titled “Assault at nursing home raises questions about why sex offender was living there“:

Authorities accused Moore of entering the room of another Waterfront resident at about midnight on Jan. 3, pulling off her blanket and molesting her. Police arrested Moore nine days later, charging him with sexual abuse of a person incapable of giving consent and with endangering the welfare of a physically disabled person.

The police report filed after Moore’s arrest said the woman had told Moore to leave her room “multiple times” before he came in at midnight, pulled down her blankets and molested her.

The March 21 article (with video) titled “Man charged with sexual abuse in nursing home” also discusses this incident.

Additional details concerning nursing home sexual assault can be seen in the sources mentioned above.


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