Nursing Home Worker Charged With Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is defined in general terms as intentional or negligent acts by a caregiver or other trusted individual that causes harm to a vulnerable elder.  On this site, the Elder Abuse page further discusses elder abuse, and posts concerning elder abuse are seen under the “elder abuse” category.

Elder abuse can happen in a variety of settings, including nursing homes.

Recently, a nursing home employee was charged with third-degree elderly abuse based off an incident caught on a video surveillance camera at a Creve Coeur, Missouri nursing home facility.

The incident (and video) can be seen in various media sources, including the August 6, 2015 article titled “Elderly abuse caught on camera at Creve Coeur facility” as well as the August 7 article (with video) titled “Elderly abuse at nursing home caught on camera.”

An excerpt from the article:

A video from a care facility in Creve Coeur shows an 84-year-old man as he enters room with his walker. He tried to get something out of a drawer, police say the care giver 31-year-old Ernestine Cobbins struggled with him and then threw him to the floor. Fortunately, he was not seriously injured.

Additional details regarding this alleged nursing home abuse incident can be seen in a variety of media sources, including the two articles mentioned above.


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