Quality Of Care Received In Illinois Nursing Homes

The quality of care received in Illinois nursing homes is a critically important issue, yet one that can be difficult to determine.

Commonly used “nursing home ratings” have been criticized for a variety of reasons, and various proposals and recent changes have occurred.  Prior posts have discussed this issue, including the October 6, 2014 post titled “Changes To The Nursing Home Five-Star Rating System” as well as the August 24 post titled “Chicago Nursing Homes And The Star Rating System.”

One organization that rates the quality of nursing homes by state is Families for Better Care, which is a Florida-based nursing home resident advocacy group.  This organization has recently published its second annual “Nursing Home Report Card,” which is described in the September 10, 2014 release titled “New Nursing Home Report Card Released.”

This state-by-state comparison ranked the states’ nursing home quality on  eight different federal quality measures.  The press release above discusses these measures and other commentary.  Additional information regarding the grading methodology is provided on the “Grading Methodology” page.

On the “State Rankings” page, the rating for Illinois nursing homes is provided.  As can be seen on the page, for 2014 Illinois nursing homes ranked 44th out of 50, receiving a grade of “F.”

Key Findings” are presented with regard to Illinois nursing home care quality, and there is also an accompanying September 10, 2014 news release titled “Illinois Drops To 44th In Nursing Home Care.”

An excerpt from this news release:

According to the report card, nearly every nursing home was cited one or more deficiencies. Worst yet, state regulators cited 25 percent of nursing homes for a severe deficiency, indicating ongoing harm to residents.

The above-mentioned “Nursing Home Report Card” does not provide detail about individual Illinois nursing homes, and, of course, quality of care should be assessed on an individual nursing home basis.

However, what this report indicates – and what is further verified in other statistics, reports, media sources and alleged in lawsuits, as seen throughout this site – is that deficiencies, mistreatment, abuse, and neglect does occur in Chicago nursing home care, as well as in nursing homes throughout Illinois.

While nursing home abuse and neglect is often obvious, sometimes it can be difficult to see.  Various signs that indicate that nursing home abuse and neglect may be happening are discussed on the “Nursing Home Abuse” page.


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