Report Providing State Rankings Of Long-Term Care Indicators

Today (June 19, 2014) a press release for the report titled “Raising Expecations:  A State Scorecard on Long-Term Services and Supports for Older Adults, People with Physical Disabilities and Family Caregivers” was released.  This report is from AARP, The Commonwealth Fund, and The SCAN Foundation.

This report evaluates 26 indicators in five dimensions with regard to long-term care services among home care services, family caregiver settings, and nursing homes, and provides this detail for each state.

This report updates the “2011 LTSS Scorecard.”

Additional explanation and information can be found in the press release mentioned above.

The full report is found at “Raising Expectations” (pdf)

With regard to the rating for Illinois, as seen in Exhibit 1 (page 9) Illinois ranks 15th among the states across all five dimensions.

Exhibit 2 (page 11) shows all 26 indicators, as well as statistical information including median values as well as “top” and “bottom” values.

With regard to nursing homes, among the information provided is Exhibit A12 on page 79, in which three aspects are shown for each state.  These aspects are “Percent of High-Risk Nursing Home Residents with Pressure Sores,” “Nursing Home Staff Turnover…,” and “Percent of Long-Stay Nursing Home Residents Who are Receiving an Anti-Psychotic Medication.”

The national value for each of these aspects is 6.2%, 39.5%, and 21.3%, respectively, as of the year indicated.

The Illinois value for each of these aspects is 7.0% (43rd in the nation), 38% (25th in the nation) and 25.1% (48th in the nation).

Of particular note is the statistics regarding “Pressure Sores,” alternately referred to as “Pressure Ulcers”  which, for those unaware, the report defines in the glossary on page 113.

Additional details can be found in the full report mentioned above.


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