Sexual Assault At Nursing Homes And Use Of Surveillance Cameras

Sexual abuse and sexual assault of nursing home residents continues to be a concern with regard to the safety and level of care that nursing home residents receive.  As seen in many incidents, as well as alleged in many nursing home lawsuits, sexual abuse and assault of nursing home residents can be committed by other nursing home residents, as well as by nursing home staff.

On this site, nursing home sexual abuse and assault is discussed both on the “Chicago Nursing Home Sexual Abuse And Assault” page as well as in various posts under the “Nursing Home Sexual Abuse And Assault” category.

A November 18, 2016 article (with video) from, titled “Surveillance cameras prove to be strong tool in protecting loved ones in nursing homes” discusses an alleged sexual assault attempt made at a nursing home.  As seen in the article and video, one facet of the alleged incident that proved valuable with regard to the alleged assault was the existence of video surveillance footage.

The issue of video surveillance in Illinois nursing homes has been discussed on numerous posts on this site.  The most recent post is that of August 23, 2015, titled “Law Allowing Electronic Monitoring In Illinois Nursing Homes.”


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