Theft Of Nursing Home Drugs

Medications and prescriptions for use in Illinois nursing homes (as well as other health care facilities such as assisted living facilities) is often an area of concern.  Medications can be improperly prescribed, improperly administered, or otherwise misapplied for a variety of reasons.

One recurring issue with regard to drugs and prescriptions intended for nursing home residents is whether those drugs actually are used by the intended patients, i.e. the nursing home resident.

Drug “diversion” and theft occurs when nursing home personnel steal or otherwise divert drugs.  While this theft can occur for a number of reasons, two prominent reasons include reselling the drugs – which can be (highly) profitable – as well as illegal use of the drugs by the nursing home personnel.

The nursing home resident for whom the drugs were intended often suffers either through an adverse health impact and/or increased pain due to the withholding of prescriptions.

An example of alleged theft of drugs from a nursing home is seen in the September 3, 2015 article titled “Nurse accused of stealing 1,800 hydrocodone pills from Birmingham nursing home.”

Two excerpts from the article:

A former director of nursing of a Birmingham-area nursing home was arrested Thursday accused of stealing more than 1,800 hydrocodone pills.


The theft was discovered when staff reported that the medications weren’t logged correctly. An audit revealed more than 1,800 hydrocodone pills were missing.

Additional details and possible updates can be seen in the article mentioned above, as well as the September 7 McKnight’s article titled “Former director of nursing accused of stealing 1,800 hydrocodone pills.”


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