Theft Of Nursing Home Residents’ Drugs

Medications and prescriptions administered within Illinois nursing homes, as well as other nursing homes on a national basis, is often an area of concern.  This is because in many cases, medications are either not correctly prescribed or administered, which can lead to a variety of health hazards and/or nursing home residents experiencing pain or discomfort that they shouldn’t be subjected to.

Another area of concern is when drugs meant for nursing home residents are diverted by the staff of the nursing home for their own uses.  Often, this theft of residents’ prescriptions is either for the use by the staff, or the staff may find it lucrative to resell the stolen drugs.

The post of February 6, 2014, titled “Stolen And Diverted Nursing Home Medications” highlighted one incident in which a nurse was charged with stealing drugs.

Recently, another incident involving alleged theft of drugs has occurred in a Wisconsin nursing home.  In this instance, a nurse in a nursing home, Angela J. Dixon, 35, is expected to be charged for stealing medications for her own personal use.

The August 21, 2015 Leader-Telegram article, titled “Nursing home nurse reportedly stole medications from patients” details the allegations.  As well, the August 20, 2015 article titled “Nurse accused of stealing prescription medicine” also discusses the subject.

Two excerpts from the Leader-Telegram article:

Angela J. Dixon, 35, told police that she stole medications for patients at the Ladysmith Nursing Home for her personal use over the past three months and replaced those medications with over-the-counter drugs or water pills, according to court records.


Dixon told police she took 12 oxycodone tablets from patients’ pill containers during that shift, replacing them with anti-nausea and water pills. She said she also had stolen unknown amounts of vicodin and tramadol, pain relievers, during the same several months, replacing them with Tylenol and melatonin, a sleep medication, because she is addicted to pain medications.

Additional details can be found in the two media sources mentioned above.


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