Two Cook County Circuit Court Lawsuits Concerning Bedsores

Bedsores (also called bed sores, pressure sores,pressure ulcers, and decubitus ulcers) are a primary concern with regard to health care, for two primary reasons.

First, bedsores are a major health concern both for the direct health impact and indirect (through complications) hazard they can potentially cause to health.  Bedsores are discussed in numerous areas within this site, including the post of May 23, 2014 (“Bedsores Causes And Frequency,“) that discussed various aspects of bedsores, including the causes of bed sores as well as how often they occur.

Additionally, Elman Joseph Law Group also publishes the Chicago Bedsores Law site which focuses on bedsores and the legal aspects of their development, especially as it pertains to nursing home neglect.

Second, the development of bedsores is often a sign of nursing home neglect, especially if the bedsores worsen in severity, which is likely if they are not promptly and properly treated.

Recently, two Circuit Court of Cook County lawsuits have been filed regarding the development of bedsores.  The lawsuits allege nursing home neglect with regard to how the nursing home patients and their bedsores were handled.

The first lawsuit is seen in the Cook County Record article of August 13, 2015, titled “Falls, fractures and bedsores said to hasten nursing home resident’s demise.”  In this article various alleged shortfalls in the care of a nursing home resident in a Bloomingdale facility are discussed, as is the lawsuit.

The second lawsuit is discussed in the Cook County Record article of August 14, 2015, titled “Family alleges negligence in man’s pre-death pressure sores.”  In this article, the alleged development and worsening of sacral pressure ulcers are discussed, as is the lawsuit filed after the death of the resident, Ozzie Longino, in a Chicago Ridge nursing home.

Additional details and discussions of bedsores can be seen in the sources mentioned above.


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