Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Regarding Highland Park Nursing Home Resident’s Death

There are many types of nursing home neglect and nursing home abuse that can lead to the filing of a successful lawsuit.  Many of these types of neglect and abuse have been discussed on this site, and both lawsuits filed in Illinois as well as in other states have been summarized.  As well, nursing home accidents often occur, and these accidents often are rooted in some type of negligence or carelessness.

While the the range of potential claims for nursing home (as well as other types of long-term health facilities, such as assisted living facilities) lawsuits is broad, there are various types of events and injuries that are common reasons for the filing of personal injury or (in the case of fatal accidents or injuries) wrongful death lawsuits.

Errors committed by nursing home staff is one source of negligence.  As mentioned previously on this site, errors in the administration of medication have occurred.  However, there are many other types of errors that can occur, and some have led to the death of the nursing home resident.

A recent nursing home wrongful death lawsuit has been filed regarding an alleged error made by nursing home staff at Warren Barr North Shore, a Highland Park, Illinois nursing home.

The lawsuit is discussed in various media sources, including the April 6, 2017 Highland Park News article titled “Lawsuit alleges Highland Park nursing home ignored resuscitation wishes” as well as the McKnight’s April 6 article titled “SNF staff misread chart, failed to resuscitate resident, family’s lawsuit claims.”

An excerpt from the Highland Park News article:

A family has filed suit against a Highland Park nursing home alleging the facility “failed to resuscitate” a 52-year-old woman in accordance with her wishes.


The suit says Cencula’s instructions were to “render full treatment including all resuscitation efforts medically available to her in the event of a cardiac or respiratory arrest.”

While initially it was believed that Cencula’s instructions were not to be resuscitated, subsequently it was determined that the instructions had been misread, and paramedics were called to immediately respond.

Kimberly Cencula was pronounced dead by the Highland Park Fire Department at 5:05 a.m.

Additional details can be seen in the sources indicated above.


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