Wrongful Death Lawsuit Involving Sepsis

There has been a wrongful death lawsuit filed regarding the alleged nursing home neglect of a resident at a Joliet nursing home.

The alleged negligence pertains to the development of bedsores (also frequently referred to as pressure sores) and then sepsis.

As further described on the sepsis page, it is possible for a person with pressure sores to be susceptible to sepsis, especially if the pressure sores are severe in nature.  Often such severe pressure sores are due to the fact that they have not been properly treated.  Untreated pressure sores is often a sign of potential nursing home neglect.

The wrongful death lawsuit is discussed in the Joliet Patch article of May 6, 2016, titled “Husband Claims Wife Died from Neglect at Joliet Nursing Home:  Lawsuit” as well as the May 6 Cook County Record article titled “Husband accuses Joliet long-term care facility of wrongful death.”

As seen in these sources, the lawsuit was filed in the Circuit Court of Cook County against The Parc at Joliet LLC.

An excerpt from the Patch article mentioned above:

Page claims that between Jan. 30 and Aug. 19, 2014, his wife, Gloria Page, was receiving rehabilitation from the nursing home when she developed pressure sores and died May 8, 2015 from sepsis as a result of the nursing home’s neglect, according to the report.

Among the allegations in the lawsuit is that The Parc failed to provide quality adequate medical care, and failed to adequately monitor the condition of the resident, Gloria Page.

Additional details and possible updates concerning this wrongful death lawsuit can be found in a variety of media sources including the Joliet Patch article and Cook County Record articles mentioned above.


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